Probably Unknown - Episode 7 (Pint Slices)

On episode 7 of Probably Unknown, host J. McLeod talks with his good friends and band mates Tyler James and Micah Moseby! They talk about making a record, watching x-files, other podcasts and more! They also listen to these tunes bellow and talk about them!

LABRYS - Bitch in a Band

Jonathan Wilson - Rare Birds

Poolboy - Captain Flower

FRIGS - Solid State

Car Seat Headrest - America (Never Been)

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Mainland

Waxahatchee - Silver

Probably Unknown - Episode 6 (I Want To Believe)

On episode 6 of Probably Unknown host J. McLeod talks to Joe Morin (Edison Glass/Paper Route/Heavy Duty Super Ego) about The X-Files, Emo music, being in bands and they listen to these songs \/ too!

Western Medication - Desperately Adaptable

Violents and Monica Martin - Equal Power

O Mer - Icarus

Carseat Headrest - Sober To Death

Paper Route - Are We All Forgotten

Still Parade - Let Go

Joel Levi - Will We Ever Change

Human Tetris - A Company

Heavy Duty Super Ego - Motion Sickness

Probably Unknown - Episode 5 (Enigmas of the Mystical)

In episode 5 of Probably Unknown host J. McLeod talks with his friend Matthew Gray (Matthew and The Arrogant Sea) about alien abductions, puppets, music streaming and touring. They also listen to these songs bellow!

Say Sue Me - Old Town

Mount Eerie - Great Ghosts

Matthew And The Arrogant Seas - Swedish Death Metal Cassettes 

Blush Response - Blasphemy

Tanlines - Slipping Away

The American Analog Set - Fuck This... I'm Leaving

Jim Sullivan - U.F.O.

Centro-matic - Numbers One and Three

Hop Along - How Simple

Probably Unknown - Episode 4 (CHRISmas Cloud)

In episode 4 of Probably Unknown host J. McLeod has his brother Chris on as a guest! They talk about Disney World, Emo and Punk, fictional websites, starting a Muppets podcast and they listen to music too! You can find the links to all the songs bellow!

Japanese Breakfast - 12 Steps

Andy Shauf - Twist Your Ankle

Men I Trust - Show Me How

Brad Mehldau - Dear Prudence


John K. Samson - Select All Delete 

Noah Gunderson - Jesus, Jesus

Soccer Mommy - Cool

CF Watkins - Stone Mountain

Porches - Be Apart

Sylvan Esso - Die Young

Probably Unknown - Episode 3 (Moving Right Along)

In episode 3 of Probably Unknown, host J. McLeod talks to guest Kendal Osborne about recording, 90's rock and more! They also listen to some music and talk about that! You can find the links to all the songs we listened to bellow!

Golden Suits - Is It Wrong

The Besnard Lakes - Laura Lee

Wand - Bee Karma

Manta Rays - Blue Light

Cymbals Eat Guitars - Finally 

Connally - Never Know

Angelo De Augustine - Crazy, Stoned and Gone

Probably Unknown - Episode 2

On Episode 2 of Probably Unknown host J. McLeod talks with his old friend Spencer Sharpe from the Nashville, TN band We Dissolved The Company. They talk about podcasts, the academy awards, playing music together and more! They also listen listen to some rad music where can find bellow!

Big Theif - Shark Smile

Julien Baker - Appointments 

Turnover - Super Natural

That's My Kid - Get You Out

Hovvday - Petal

Priests - Nothing Feels Natural

Messyah - Hygh

We Dissolved The Company - Die

Probably Unknown - Episode 1

This is pilot episode of Probably Unknown. We play songs and talk about them. The songs we play are not on the radio (probably), not from popular albums (probably) and not from a popular band (probably). There's exceptions.

Here are the songs we played on this episode! Click on them to download them or find out more about the band!

No Kind of Rider - Distinct

Jay Som - Remain

Liima - People Like You

Surfer Blood - Dino Jay


Methyl Ethel - No. 28

Rolling Blackouts C.F. - French Press

Washed Out - Million Miles Away